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Agent Upgrade

Feb 15, 2022

Show Summary: 

Chicago-based realtor Nathan Binkley of Binkley Residential Compass joins Alan and Jasmine to discuss the overlap between hospitality and real estate, how to give meaningful gifts (not giftcards) to strengthen relationships with clients, the challenges of operating within historic areas, as well as how nurturing rental leads can evolve into sales overtime. Finally, Nathan reveals how  he and his brother earned the moniker “The Open House Kings of Chicago” as well as how to take the longview of hosting open houses.     

Key topics: 

  • Similarities between hospitality and real estate
  • Importance of using local lenders
  • Advantages and disadvantages of selling condos in the building you live in

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-Phone Number: 312-758-6486

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-Alan:  & Linktree:

Agent Upgrade:




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