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Agent Upgrade

Apr 19, 2022

Are FHA loans better than conventional loans?

In this replay episode from Alan’s The House of AC podcast, Jasmine and Alan are exploring FHA loans to clarify common misunderstandings and uncover the power and opportunity that they hold. Alan and Jasmine also explore the combination of FHA loans with small multi-family investing.

They also break down the figures of how to do this with both their examples and examples of folks who joined LIVE in The House of AC chatroom.

If you’re a first-time home buyer or first-time real estate investor, this episode is going to blow you away. Get ready to take notes! 

Agent Upgrade is proudly sponsored by Jasmine Mortgage Team


- Multi-family Investing using FHA Loans to Create Instant Wealth

- What is an FHA Loan?

- First Time Home Buyer - Single Family Home

- How Wealth Builders Think 

- How to Budget Property Taxes and Mortgage Insurance

- How to Qualify for a Million Dollar Property

- Buying Rental Properties under $100,000

- How FHA Loans Work & How to Qualify

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