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Agent Upgrade

May 31, 2022

Finding the right real estate partner can be difficult. You need to balance out your skills (who is creative, who is methodical, etc), your workflows, your expectations and so much more. There are also the key elements that our guest in this conversation, Rob Smith of Keller Willians Realty, mentions, of matching your vision and values. In this conversation, Alan, Jasmine, and Rob dig into these aspects of business partnerships and share some practical tips to help you navigate them.  There's also a healthy debate about Doorsey and a lot of strong feelings about Multiple Listening Systems (MLS). It’s a packed conversation for sure!

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-Introducing Rob Smith and how he got his start in real estate and investing

-Alan and Rob’s First interaction thanks to great sales and marketing

-Steps to doing 44 sales in his first year

-Having strong core values

-Selling properties on Doorsey - is it an auction?

-Do you still need a real estate agent if you use Doorsey?

-5 Things to say to buyers

-Multiple Listing Services (ML) and costs

-How luxury brokers are keeping up the appearance that FMLS is a preferred choicer

Also, check out Alan's book, House FIRE, to blow your mind on how the real estate investing FIRE method ('financial independence, retire early') can change your life. 










Rob Smith (Guest):  


-Phone number: 404-906-5857