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Agent Upgrade

Jun 14, 2022

Welcome to the school of efficient and humane real estate business practices, led by Jess Lenouvel. I'm sure you remember her last Agent Upgrade episode (#24), where she shared her philosophy and practice for organic and sustainable social media practices for your real estate business. Alan and Jasmine loved that conversation and it looks like you, our lovely listeners, did too. So they thought they’d invite her back on to talk about a different but equally important topic: how to respectfully and productively manage a real estate team with virtual assistants. Oh, and just wait until you hear where Jess is while having this conversation!

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-Bringing back Jess Lenouvel and hearing all about her life in the Bahamas

-What real estate is like in the Bahamas

-Hearing about Jess’s new #1 Best Selling book, More Money, Less Hustle

-How to set up your real estate business to have the best leverage and freedom

-Advice for real estate agents who are feeling burnt out.

-Being a perfectionist in your business

-Doubling your business over the next year

-Finding a good VA and ensuring your team isn’t burnt out

-The value Jess’s book will bring your business and closing thoughts!

Also, check out Alan's book, House FIRE, to blow your mind on how the real estate investing FIRE method ('financial independence, retire early') can change your life. 










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