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Agent Upgrade

Jul 5, 2022

Starting out in real estate is hard enough but having staying power is even harder, especially with the natural ups and downs of the housing market. That’s why we wanted to talk to Adriana Scholz of Coldwell Banker in Boston. She transitioned her experience in real estate from Germany to the U.S.over 23 years ago and pushed through some difficult times to get where she is today. These valuable lessons on how to best help her clients are sure to help you with yours. Adriana has advice that will ground you and inspire you to keep going until you reach your version of real estate success.

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-Introducing Adriana Scholz and what she credits her success to

-How to adapt to the changing market

-Building trust with clients through honesty

-Building a rock star team of partners

-How to get into the new construction market

-Advantages and Disadvantages of moving whilst being a realtor

-How to convince buyers to offer more than the listing price

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