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Agent Upgrade

Feb 8, 2022

Show Summary: Are you familiar with the old axiom, “buy now before the rates go up”? In this episode, Nick Fitzpatrick of Keller Knapp joins Jasmine and Alan to explain the possible ramifications of the recent increase in interest rates. Nick then outlines how he adds value by engaging with the listing agent to ensure his clients’ offers stand out from the crowd. Finally, Nick shares his secret sauce for perfecting his craft.  

Agent Upgrade is proudly sponsored by Jasmine Mortgage Team,

Key topics: 

  • Rising interest rates impact on housing prices
  • The difference between passive income and running a side business
  • Setting client expectations 
  • Finding mentors to gain experience

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Resources Mentioned:

House FIRE [Financial Independence, Retire Early]: How to Be a Red–Hot Real Estate Millionaire with a Wealth of Time and Money to Burn by Alan Corey 

Bigger Pockets: