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Agent Upgrade

Mar 22, 2022

Anna Kilinski of Keller Williams and Intown discusses the importance of putting systems in place and delegating to automate as many tasks and responsibilities as possible. She explains how by answering a few simple questions, (i.e., Does this bring me joy or money? and What is my time worth?). By following the ‘do it, delegate it, or ditch it’ philosophy, she has been able to create an organization which operates smoothly without her while she is away on vacation. Anna also shares the benefits her team has gained from being consistent and authentic in their marketing and social media messaging. 

Agent Upgrade is proudly sponsored by Jasmine Mortgage Team


- How Outsourcing can Increase your Real Estate Business with Anna Kilinski

- Anna’s start in Real Estate and advice for New Agents

- What Anna wishes she’d done sooner

- Creating Systems to prioritize tasks and time

- Getting Comfortable releasing Control and Delegating Tasks 

- The value of working on your business, not in your business

- Anna’s Incredible Real Estate Marketing Strategies

- Taking small steps to becoming your best self

- Anna’s experience on the show “Buying It Blind”

- Being Authentic on Social Media 

- Work or chat with Anna Kilinski!

Also, check out Alan's book, House FIRE, to blow your mind on how real estate investing FIRE method ('financial independence, retire early') can change your life. 















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