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Agent Upgrade

May 3, 2022

There are 3 key things you can build as a new agent to give you a head start to a successful real estate career: trust, branding, and visibility. In this The House of AC replay episode, Alan shares why these 3 characteristics are so important for real estate agents, especially new ones. Also, we get to hear from Jasmine, who’s on vacation in Europe, on how the focus on the quality of life (not focus on the amount of work) is such a refreshing change. 

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-Starting a New Career as a Real Estate Agent

-Books to Help you Start in Real Estate

-My Real Estate Story

-The 3 Keys to Real Estate Success

-Creating Your Brand and Niche

-How To Be Known As “The Real Estate” Person

-How to Be Known for Million Dollar Listings and Using Social Media

-Get Your Own Domain

-Connect with your Sphere of Influence Every 2 Weeks

-How to Earn Trust

Also, check out Alan's book, House FIRE, to blow your mind on how the real estate investing FIRE method ('financial independence, retire early') can change your life. 











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