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Agent Upgrade

Jan 18, 2022

Guest Jim Remley of eRealEstateCoach outlines how he got his start in the industry 30 years ago. He became successful by earning the trust of his clients two to three times his age as well as expanding his sphere of influence by focusing on attracting 1,000 true fans. In this conversation with Jasmine and Alan, Jim also highlights the importance of thinking of clients as friends in addition to building, maintaining and growing relationships by focusing on delivering value. Be sure to listen to the end to learn how Jim builds his business plan to support his life plan so as to avoid reaching “a miserable level of success.”  

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How to increase your sphere of influence 
Practical methods to build consistent engagement with clients (clients=friends)
New ways of delivering value to your clients 
The necessity of networking to be a successful Real Estate Agent

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Wired 1,000 True Fans article (reprinted on Kevin Kelly’s website)