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Agent Upgrade

Dec 14, 2021

“If you were spending $12,000 a year on a mortgage payment 30 years ago, that same item would cost $24,000 now.” - Jasmine Krnjetin

In this special episode, Alan and Jasmine discuss the Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) recent announcement regarding the increase in loan limits.

Be sure to listen to this informative discussion between our hosts with pen in hand to find out how to educate your clients on:

  • how these changes impact them
  • if we're heading towards another housing crash 
  • why there is currently a housing shortage
  • how much they should put down on a property
  • the benefits of a fixed-mortgages as a hedge against inflation    


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The Housing Shortage Is Worse Than Ever—And Will Take A Decade Of Record Construction To Fix, New Reports Say: 

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