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Agent Upgrade

Apr 12, 2022

Homebuyers assume a 15 or 30 year fixed rate isn’t supposed to change, right?  

In this conversation, we talk with Jasmine Mortgage Team branch manager (self-proclaimed Master of the Boring Stuff), Jeff Goddard, to see if there is anything a home buyer can do to avoid post-closing changes to their mortgages. 

Some questions we hit head-on are:

-What about if a lender transfers a mortgage to a different bank? 

-Why does this happen?

-How does this happen? 

-Why do the property taxes change after closing? 

Why does my escrow amount in my mortgage get altered and increase my payments?  

We want to know if these are legitimate worries and if they’re preventable. 

Agent Upgrade is proudly sponsored by Jasmine Mortgage Team


- What happens to my mortgage after closing?

- Jeff‘s background

- Why Your Mortgage Got Sold

- Note Investing Explained

- Why your fixed Mortgage Went Up

- What is Recasting?

- Explaining Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac & Mortgage Fraud

- Should I buy now or wait for rates to go down?

- Closing Thoughts and Advice from Jeff

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