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Agent Upgrade

Jun 7, 2022

Let's face it, the real estate market is changing fast. No matter the reason for this change, one thing is clear, we need to be flexible right now. Jasmine, Alan, and Maria Quattrone of Re/Max share some honest, blunt moments about how to do this. It's not easy but with the advice in this conversation, you'll be better prepared. Alan and Maria even do some agent-client role-playing to make this super clear. It doesn't matter if you're a new or long-term agent, these tips will help you navigate these choppy waters. 

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- Introducing Maria Quattrone 

- Advice for new agents

- Expired real estate listing role play and tips

- How to start a new real estate business in a new state

- Joining a real estate team

- Sourcing Virtual Assistants

- Maria’s scholarship program & podcast

- Closing thoughts and how to connect with Maria

Also, check out Alan's book, House FIRE, to blow your mind on how the real estate investing FIRE method ('financial independence, retire early') can change your life. 










Maria Quattrone (Guest):  



-Be The Solution podcast:




-PA Real Estate Scholarship Program:

Next class starts June 27, 2022


-Sphere Rocket (virtual assistants):